5 Quick & Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself


Sometimes we get into a rut and the mere idea of getting out of bed, going to work, or

even facing the day is exhausting. The “motivational slump” happens to nearly

everyone at one time or another, but rising up from the downturn can be accomplished

easily with a few minor adjustments. Adopting these simple practices will help to quickly

reunite you with the motivation you need to help you to move to the next level and

ultimately find success.


1. Begin with the end in mind

Sometimes a lack of motivation comes from losing sight of goals. Trudging through the

day without purpose or direction is a significant side effect of a motivation block. To

spur inspiration and determination, take time to develop and write down where you

would like to see yourself, who you desire to be, and consider the steps you must

complete to get there. Zeroing in on these goals will quickly increase your motivation.

2. Start with small successes

Success builds on itself, so set yourself up for growing success. Select two or three

small accomplishments each morning and complete them before you even embark on

your day. Make your bed, drink 8 ounces of water, walk for 15 minutes, or practice a

yoga position. By setting aside 15 to 30 minutes before you face your day to simply

achieve a couple healthy and refreshing feats, you will start out with a sense of

confidence, and motivation will follow.

3. Expect and accept challenge

When we choose to make changes – even small – we will undoubtedly be faced with

challenges, so expect them and be prepared to take them on. From the small excuses

you make in your mind to life’s unexpected obstacles, adversity to motivation will be on

the lurk. The the largest enemy of motivation is giving up in the face of the first setback

you encounter. Make up your mind to reach your goal and get ready to fight for it,

because a life of success is never short of trials that must be overcome.

4. Focus on the moment

Whenever you face a motivational slump, remind yourself that you can never get this

moment back. Every moment of life is important, and the decision to waste moments or

make them count is yours. Focusing the precious value of time – especially this moment

in time – is a quick way to intensify your determination.

5. Reward yourself

While it is easy to focus on the bad, negativity is a huge motivation killer. Motivation is

strongly intertwined with positive thinking, and it is crucial to reward yourself for the

positive. Finding small ways to pat yourself on the back and to celebrate small,

effective changes that you make will motivate you to continue to do better, to overcome

setbacks, and to look forward to the next reward.


Where do you find your motivation? Our team is eager to help connect your potential to performance.

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