Hungry for High Potential? Feed Your Body and Your Mind

Are you familiar with the term “high potential”?  It’s possible people told you that you had high potential.  Maybe you heard it with reference to a product, service or idea that was new to the market.  Either way, there’s something exciting about this phrase which allows you to imagine a great future.  A seed has high potential because although it’s tiny, it can grow into a full-fledged tree.  First, many conditions have to be fulfilled.  A seed needs to be watered regularly.  It needs sunlight.  And it needs soil of a good quality in order to grow.  How can you realize your high potential?

Incremental Change Sprouts

Feeding Your Mind

The most important thing to help you achieve your high potential is feeding your mind.  Many people place a lot of emphasis on education and learning.  These are good examples of feeding the mind because you’re exposing it to new things, which people in general consider valuable and useful.  Does this mean that reading a romance novel doesn’t feed the mind?  Not necessarily.  If you plan to write a romance novel or become a genre novelist in general, then reading romance novels also feeds your mind.  The idea is to keep exposing yourself to new influences and to ask yourself whether they’re helping you grow.

Feeding Your Body

Some people focus more on feeding the mind while others are into feeding the body.  For a balanced perspective, it’s important to have both, something which even Aristotle pointed out in his Nichomachean Ethics.  If your body is diseased, in pain or addicted to unhealthy substances, you’re not going to be able to think clearly.  You’re not going to have new ideas.  And you’re not going to fulfill your high potential.  Conversely, if your body is in good shape you’ll be able to think well and put your ideas into action without fatigue, pain or disease getting in the way.

Being Creative

Did you know creativity has a direct effect on your potential? Be intentional on time allotted for regular creativity.  Some people prefer to lie fallow for a while, gather up their energy and finally be creative in a big way.  For others, it’s better to be a little bit creative, take a short break and then go back to drawing board.  You know which method works best for you.  The idea behind creativity is to make efforts to consciously increase your exposure to the world.

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